3D Panel Production Machine

3D wire mesh panel is a new kind of construction material with good insulation performance, light weight and high strength. It adopts 3-dimension spatial steel wire mesh and trusses as the framework, EPS or rock wool panel as heat insulation core layer. 3D panel is used widely as wall, roof and floor material by spraying concrete on both sides, the concrete will cling on the core board very firmly.
Product Specification
1.Capacity: 300,000 m2/year
2.Panel width: 1220mm±2mm
3.Panel thickness: 76 -126mm±2mm
4.Panel length: 3000mm±5mm


Wire Mesh Welding Machine
Mesh Size 50mmx50mm
Panel Width 1200mm
Panel Length Customized
Wire Diameter ?2.0-3.0mm
Install Power 36kw x 2

Truss Welding Machine
Core Board Thickness 25-00 mm
Truss Number 25 PCS
Wire Diameter ?2.0-3.0mm
Air Compressor 3 m3/min, 10Kg
Install Power 36kw