Benefits of 3D Panels

1. Thermal Insulation
The EPS squeezing foaming polystyrene that is famous for the internal thermal insulation is used     and reduces the loss of heat. It also makes the comfortable indoor space regardless of temperature      variation in the winter season.

2. Fireproofing
It has passed the 120 minutes fireproofing test of national construction institute and has also been     approved as the fireproofing materials for internal & external construction stuffs.

3. Moisture proofing
As we have used the high performance foaming polystyrene 100m/m of low absorptiveness, it     shows an excellent prevention against the condensation on the wall. (As for the usage of external     wall, the exterior on the external wall needs the waterproofing mortar)

4. Soundproofing
On the base of sound insulation performance test, 3d panel has shown a distinguished feature of     soundproofing among others. Especially, it shows a heightened operation capability with both sides plasterboard.

5. Lightweight
3d wall panels only weighs a quarter of the masonry wall, which alleviates the fixed load of structure and also highly recommended in the enlargement of old buildings. (masonry 450Kg, panel 120Kg)

6. Structure
It is used for every construction like residence and apartment. Especially, it is highly recommended the higher the building is and the longer its span is.

7. Variety
The panels can be designed in a varied form without any professional knowledge, and fits for the round-typed materials as increasing 10% indoor space compared with masonry structure.

8. Economical Efficiency
As it is a standardized factory product, easy to construct, and allows us to execute the masonry,     insulation, plastering at the same time, it surely reduces the construction time down to a third.

9. Shortening of Construction Time
It is easy to execute and able to curtail the construction expense with the high efficiency in thermal insulation. It also boils down the framing expense as a lightweight material, which is definitely economically effective.


3D Panel: The Alternative Building System
3D Panel - an alternative building system that uses prefabricated polystyrene panels with wire mesh that becomes a structural wall when concrete, gunite, cement, plaster or stucco are shotcreted into place. Unlike other building systems, 3D Panel is an environmentally friendly - recycled green product.

The 3D Panel building system has tremendous flexibility - it can be used in place of wood or metal-framed walls, masonry block walls or pre-cast panels. It is an excellent structural system that can be used in floors, ceilings, and roofs. The 3D Panel building system saves construction time while providing greater structural integrity.

As an eco-friendly alternative building system, 3D Panel components are manufactured with all recycled plastics and steel - no forest products are used. The 3D Panel building system is safe and friendly to humans and wildlife.