3D Panels Design

1. It is freely handled & framed up to any forms in the spot with the easiness of cutting and processing     for the plane and solid design.
2. It has a versatile application to almost all construction architecture, especially for R·C structure,     interior & exterior wall, single family & row house, apartment, condominium.
3. It can be diversely designed for the soundproofing wall in the additive building of weakened structure     like school, gym, factory, farmstead, cooling & thermal insulating warehouse.
4. As it is standardized as a strengthened but lightweight, thin panel for construction     structure, it has greatly increased the available floor space (10%).
5. As it weighs only a quarter of it compared with the self load of masonry wall, it sharply curtails the fixed load, which eases off the burden of ground-making and also renders service to the perfect     construction with a thermal insulation.