Construction of 3D Panel Wall System

1. After setting up the fixed metallic materials upon the foundation concrete, the panel is to be in-     between stabilized.
2. Tie up the connecting line of #22, every kind of strengthened mesh between concrete and panel,     panel and panel.
3. Lay under the ground the essential electrical pipes and all types of arrangements pipe.
4. Finish with the examination to the assemblage, horizontality and verticality, reinforcement and pipe arrangement status.
5. Finish the global body with the first time mechanism of spraying cement mortar, and with the     second time hand plastering of skimming coating.
6. It can be finalized with every type of materials in correspondence to its usage like pitching, tiling, marbling, paper hanging, painting etc.

7. If used for more than second floor building, the construction procedure is like this: 1 assemble the  lower part wall, 2 lay down the foundation concrete, 3 assemble the upper part wall, 4 mechanical plastering on the lower part, 5 spraying after laying down the foundation concrete on the upper part.