3D Panels

3D panel is a new wire mesh products, mainly used in construction. It's high tensile and is easy to install and these features make 3d wire mesh panels very popular by world construction customers.

3d panel also called double layer welded wire panel, using welding method joining two pieces of welded wire panel together. Mainly used as for construction. The side panel mesh is commonly 2" opening with 11 or 12 gauge wire, surface with galvanized wire panel or hot dip galvanized wire panel. Inserted EPS size is 2", 2.5" and 4".

Components of the installed panel include:
Foam core for insulation.
Wire mesh on inside and outside.
Welded truss of wire cross pieces.
Sprayed concrete on both sides ("shotcrete").

These panels are 4 feet wide and come in almost any length. They can be used for the walls and roof.